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Marketing: How to keep paid media?

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Marketing: How to keep paid media?

In order to position the brand, content strategy, must have a deep understanding of the nature of the organization
· Among its benefits is the credibility they bring to the brand, which are transparent and sustainable
· 79 percent of consumers consider increasing their purchases online
Earned media are the most important in marketing because now it is consumers who reach them or are viral. These are the result of a good coordination Ukraine Email Address  and execution of the own means and payment. Among their benefits is the credibility they bring to the brand, which are transparent and sustainable. Disadvantages include lack of control, which can be negative, scalability, and difficulty in measurement.

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· Potentiate own media
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· Marketing for beginners or to promote a new product When does the earned media lastre view  arrive? Content marketing plays an important role, this is integrated into your marketing strategy in the organization, it can be very valuable to categorize our digital assets under concepts of own, paid and earned media.

Of course, it is rare that the contents are paid, except in the case where the potential consumer buys an informative report. This is because thanks to new technologies, the best way to create content marketing is for your own medium, such as blogs, social networks, or earned by positioning such as search marketing.

The production and commercialization of goods and services is a practice, which includes social, economic, technological aspects, among other aspects, they are involved in the way the strategy is developed.

Currently the consumer has become more demanding by wanting the product to meet their expectations in a timely manner.

How do you keep these media in place?
Creating an multichannel database will allow you to predict your needs and give way to personalized experiences. You have information, you make good use of it, understand that you have a responsibility for it, in this way you become relevant without invading the privacy of your client.

The culture of creating a database or collecting information related to consumer tastes or lifestyles, offering a better service or product. So it is the use of these new technologies that helps a brand to personalize its image.

It considers that ICTs have facilitated access to information and the realization of electronic transactions, only in 2005 it went from 25.1 percent of users who carry out transactions to 27.3 percent in 2006.

The fundamental elements in this strategy are the consumer, the company and the relationship between them.

According to Ernesto Juárez Rodríguez and Oscar González Salgado, this is the direct and two-way interaction between consumers and companies facilitated by ICT developers, financial services and logistics.

This with the purpose of generating exchanges of satisfaction for the needs, desires and personalized demands is the direct and two-way interaction between consumers and companies.

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