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Consumers are changing and so is marketing

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Consumers are changing and so is marketing

Knowing consumers is a strategy that allows better understanding of customers, here it does not matter the brand or product or service
· Sales Force, 79 percent of consumers consider increasing their purchases online
· The main thing is to know the client, having a demographic or socio-cultural analysis will help us to build their profile and from here to start
The consumer is not the same after having met the brand, so they should not be USA Email Database  segmented in such a generic way. This is why we must analyze the cycles that users go through. Data and trends can describe us digital consumers if we pay more attention to it.

Montoya assures that there are two types of clients, identified and unidentified. The lastre view  main thing is to know the client, having a demographic or socio-cultural analysis will help us to build their profile and from here to start.

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Advertising and capitalism
Throughout the 20th century, advertising was implanted in societies that have reached a certain degree of advanced capitalism. According to the text “Advertising and Human Sciences” by José Antonio Hernandez Guerrero, this is due to its persuasive impact.

In addition, it is pointed out that advertising has become a financial instrument of the press, going from being an additional resource to being part of commercial policy. This means that it went from being an optional resource for some brands to being an indispensable step for any company or micro company.

Which is not surprising, because with the constant technological and digital changes, more and more resources are emerging within marketing that are part of a strategy.

Current consumers:
Knowing consumers is a strategy to better understand customers, here the brand or product or service does not matter, the essential thing is how the consumer is managed and

The next step is the segmentation of this allows to give a better response to consumers, with the aim of maximizing market share. For this we can rely on a socio-cultural study of the target or demographic, which allows us to know from their nationality and habits, to age, routine, among other habits.

Of course you are not going to study case by case, you can divide by generations and monitor what is most demanded for each generation. An example is the recent Tik Tok platform, in which you will not find people from 40 to 60 years old excited about it, but from 10 to 20 or even 25 years involved, as spectators or as collaborators.

Prepare for positioning:
This represents the originality of the brand , for example, there are many companies dedicated to shoe making, but many have known how to position themselves and stand out from the rest. The converse brand that managed to position itself for the design of its tennis shoes is not the same as NIKE than it did for its sporty twist.

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